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Sun Bleached Paisley Dunk Service

Sun Bleached Paisley Dunk Service

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As if the Dunk Low SB Paisley model wasn't already a dope shoe, we decided to put our own spin on it by turning the brown paisley fabric into a light pinkish-red paisley print. 

There are certain panels of this shoe that are tear away (meaning you can customize them further if you'd like!) and they contain white suede underneath. Included are a set of white SB Dunk laces and brown.


  • Authentic SB Dunk Paisley 
  • Custom dyed paisley fabric
  • 2 sets of laces (White & Brown)

Sourcing Info:

Please note that if you do choose to have us source the base shoes, we only use the soles unless otherwise stated. This means that we will be buying the base shoe either directly from the brand and only harvesting the soles or we will buy them from a secondary market platform (Goat, StockX, eBay, etc...). However if you have the base shoe in your possession and would like us to use that shoe instead, please select the appropriate drop down option.

    PLEASE NOTE: All sales are FINAL. There are no returns, exchanges, or returns of any kind. Also due to the nature of our dying process and exposure to UV (sunlight) rays, please be aware that the final product may come in a slightly lighter or darker tone than what is pictured above. There is a slight odor that may linger but will go away with more wear and exposure to sunlight.

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